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K-Series Right Angle Gearmotor K19-49
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K-Series K19-K49


K-Series K19-K49 Right Angle Helical-Hypoid Gearmotors


Lyman, SC - October 21, 2016  -  The K19, K29, K39 and K49 compact helical-hypoid gearmotors from SEW-EURODRIVE are the perfect choice for conveyors in the food, beverage, airport, and material handling industries as well as other logistics.


The K19-K49 series contains high torque density, high speed, and high efficiency in a right-angle configuration. Their unique 2-stage design combines one stage of helical gearing with one stage of hypoid gearing. The result is a combination of rolling friction and sliding friction that yields minimal loss with an overall efficiency from 90% to 96%, depending on the ratio. You can now achieve high speed in a right-angle design without having to use an inefficient worm gear unit that wastes energy.


Even with their compact design, the torque range for the four sizes is 700-442,000 lb-in. They also follow the rest of the SEW-EURODRIVE gearmotor lineup with low maintenance, and low energy consumption.